Address: Secinaro


The church overlooks, from a rocky spur, the village and the current Subequana valley.
The structure is in irregular limestone and the foundations, made mostly from the remains of the castle with the aforementioned buttresses, and includes a small irregular piazza that is overlooked by a side elevation of the church.
From the top of the bell tower above the dome, on the north side, you can see the base of the building consisting of limestone layers emerging at an angle from the ground. The windows are high and are arranged in a symmetrical manner.
Above the portal is a lunette and, in the Renaissance style, there are floral carvings on the ledges and a geometric frieze decoration.
The interior has a nave with an octagonal dome and lateral votive altars adorned with wall paintings and paintings.   A processional cross in copper and silver from 1554 is also kept here.
Entering from the eastern door one immediatley sees the painting of St. Nicholas, by Ugo Scaramucci Foligno.

Historical Notes

The church was built using material from the original castle Sichenalem or Sicinari (destroyed by Ruggerone and Jacopo Fortebraccio) and in fact from that military building still remain the foundations, some buttresses (in the north-east you can see a stone rosette), the chipped entrance door and the typical bell tower. Historical records of the building were destroyed and today we do not know the exact date of construction. Some quote the date on the portal (1527) and a deed of donation dating back to December 19, 1569 in which the church, along with other churches in the village, was left a sum of money from a citizen of "Secinara" for the establishment of a chaplaincy.